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What Can You Do with Dealtale?

Extract the Right Insights from Your Data

Dealtale IQ is the first generative AI solution that can analyze and draw conclusions on your marketing performance, based on
your data.

Identify Opportunities
for Growth

Use Customer Journey Analytics and Funnel Analysis to see which marketing touchpoints work best for you…and which stage to use them in.

Optimize Budget and Increase Results

Leverage Dealtale advanced analytics and multi-touch attribution to understand which channels are driving the most revenue.

Make the Most of
Every Lead

Let Dealtale’s intelligent lead scoring identify which leads
your sales team should
contact to increase


Dealtale IQ

Dealtale IQ instantly transforms marketers into data experts using the power of ChatGPT-like technology. Get the answers to your most complicated marketing questions by simply typing a question in natural language.


Customer Journey Analysis

Dealtale offers the most complete customer journey mapping because we track customers while they are still anonymous and automatically connect their history to your marketing data stack.


Multi-touch Attribution

Dealtale’s deep multi-touch attribution feature measures the revenue generated by every single marketing touchpoint–from first touch to Closed-Won.


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Dealtale Integrates with All Your Favorite Marketing Platforms

Connect your entire marketing technology stack in under 5 minutes and start seeing results in days (not months!).

5 Ways to Ace Your Marketing Analytics Using ChatGPT

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