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    Your Data is Safer than Ever TLDR; Dealtale is now SOC2 Type II compliant. Security is a prime concern of every organization. Making sure that your data is safe and secure at the hands of vendors and partners is also key.  Now, our customers can rest assured that we comply

    Coding is no longer essential to be a successful enterprise—a daring declaration? We don’t think so.  With the rise of no-code data platforms, a huge barrier is lifted between tech and ideas. Companies are given the power and control over the building of their product without the need for a

    Data is the foundation of successful businesses today. From improving customer experiences to optimizing operations, it enables organizations to make well-informed, data-driven decisions

    What metrics should you monitor and evaluate for each of your marketing goal? How do you track progress and failures? Find out the answers now.

    Raw, unstructured, and structured data means nothing until it’s transformed into insights. Know the difference between data science and data analytics on this post.

    Actionable insights are vital now more than ever. Discover the three essential steps that can help you transform your business into an insights-driven organization.

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