The Extinction of Third-Party Cookies and the Rise of First-Party Data

It was only two years ago when Google announced that the death of the third-party cookie was on the horizon. Since 2020, digital marketers everywhere have been scrambling to ditch third-party cookies and adopt first-party data to help track marketing efforts. As a marketer, what does it even mean to live a cookieless life? Third-party […]

Improving Marketing Outcomes with Revenue Science

Revenue growth starts with marketing data. And while we all have dashboards filled with forecasting metrics, you might ask yourself, “how exactly are those tools helping my team achieve better results?“ That is the million dollar question that we set out to explore in our latest episode of Revenue Science. In this video series, we […]

Conversions Are the New MQLs

Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) are pretty much what their acronym suggests. A prospect engages with a brand in a way that marketing can capture, like filling out a form. Next, their profile is sent through a set of qualifications. If it passes, Sales is flagged for a follow up. Ta-dah! A lead that marketing has […]