The Extinction of Third-Party Cookies and the Rise of First-Party Data

It was only two years ago when Google announced that the death of the third-party cookie was on the horizon. Since 2020, digital marketers everywhere have been scrambling to ditch third-party cookies and adopt first-party data to help track marketing efforts. As a marketer, what does it even mean to live a cookieless life? Third-party […]

The Multi-Touch Attribution Guide for Marketers

A deal closes, hooray! It’s time to peer into the customer journey and glean insights so the go-to-market team can repeat the success. Was it the blog they first came through after clicking on its LinkedIn post, the ebook they downloaded next, or the call from the sales rep that closed the deal? But wait. […]

Correlation vs. Causation: A Serious Upgrade in Marketing Insights

You could say that marketing campaigns are only as good as the data we collect. These insights are powerful and it helps us understand how to spend our dollars to put in our ideal lead.  But what if those insights aren’t giving us the full story, but we’re acting on them anyway? Then all of […]

How to Use Customer Lifecycle Marketing for Meaningful Growth

Marketers know that the customer journey is a multi-touch maze, not a one-size-fits-all path. After all, they’re only too aware of the dizzying amount of marketing channels customers engage with, including website, social media, email, events, ads, print, and more. So many channels, so many touchpoints, and limited ways to measure their individual impact. Today’s […]