5 Ways AI is Transforming Digital Marketing in 2023

We’re entering the smart marketing era and we couldn’t be more excited. It’s the generation where marketers are using artificially intelligent (AI) tools to make their jobs just a little bit easier.  AI is no longer just for big corporations with big budgets. It’s now available to us all, and its accessibility means marketers can […]

2023: The Year of Causality

What’s happening in the world of causal inference(CI)? Industry expert Judea Pearl shared his 2022 year in review, his report outlined the significant progress and challenges CI faced in the last year. From new techniques and methods, to updates on ongoing research projects and real-world applications, he provided key insights to the rapidly growing field. […]

Correlation vs. Causation: A Serious Upgrade in Marketing Insights

You could say that marketing campaigns are only as good as the data we collect. These insights are powerful and it helps us understand how to spend our dollars to put in our ideal lead.  But what if those insights aren’t giving us the full story, but we’re acting on them anyway? Then all of […]

The Future of Lead Scoring is Prescriptive

For over a decade, marketers have been using lead scoring to prioritize their engagement activities and drive revenue. Now it’s time to move on, and use the right tool for the job. We’ll show how a prescriptive approach is more effective and will do a much better job. Lead scores The primary use of lead […]