Dealtale in Motion

Our platform doesn’t just predict future results. It shows you how to get the best possible outcomes.

Here's how:

1. Data Capture

Dealtale captures data on each customer's journey and builds a comprehensive profile.

2. Attribution

Each profile is scanned for causality to determine which touchpoints or products the customer is most likely to respond to.

3. Action

Dealtale suggests real-time actions for personalizing customer journeys down to the individual.

4. Conversion

Prescriptive analytics fuel higher conversions.

No, it’s not magic.
It’s Revenue Science!

This is marketing. You don’t have time to mess around with bad data when testing your hypotheses. You need controlled, consistent, and compelling results.

Dealtale helps marketers outperform, time and again, because it uses a combination of two powerful sciences:


Causal Machine Learning

This method optimizes KPIs by understanding how sales and marketing actions affect business outcomes.

Prescriptive Analytics


Prescriptive Analytics

Once the effects of actions have been reliably estimated, a Prescriptive model determines what the ideal course of action is.

What can you do with Dealtale's
Revenue Science?

Know the Origin Stories of Your Customers

Dealtale collects all of your data together into one customizable dashboard that cuts through the noise and shows you the metrics that matter. The best part? The platform builds unique customer profiles for each lead before they fill out a form.

Gain Velocity by Focusing on the Right Leads

Don’t waste your time on dead-end leads ever again. Dealtale’s Prescriptive Conversion help you identify the prospects that are most likely to convert, so you can focus on them first.

Create More Effective Campaigns

Using Proactive Insights, you can learn what your prospects really care about, so you can create marketing assets that move them down the funnel faster.

Prove ROI for Every Marketing Touchpoint

Report exactly how much revenue was won by each blog, whitepaper, website page, and activation in the buyer’s journey with Multi-touch Attribution.

Revenue Science... straight out of the box!

Dealtale’s no-code platform integrates with all of your apps like Salesforce, Hubspot, Linkedin, and Outreach. The best part? You don’t need a PhD to do it. Here are some of our most popular integrations: