No Code is the New Gold

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Coding is no longer essential to be a successful enterprise—a daring declaration? We don’t think so. 

With the rise of no-code data platforms, a huge barrier is lifted between tech and ideas. Companies are given the power and control over the building of their product without the need for a computing background. With declarative programming, it becomes all about the project instead of a series of instructions. The possibilities unlocked are tremendous. 

Among the industries that have already benefited from the implementation of a no-code platform are retail, construction, consumer goods, marketing and education. In the following years, we can only see the numbers grow. There has already been a 23% growth in the revenue of no-code platforms in 2020, which will see another 22% in 2021. In 2024, it is predicted that 65% of app development will be dependent on no-code and low-code platforms. 

No-code is here to stay, and no-code is set to be the new gold standard.

Why no-code data platforms are revolutionary

No-code brings about plenty of benefits, including streamlining company operations and creating custom solutions for repetitive tasks. Let’s take a look at the range of reasons that make no-code a disrupting force and the future of software.

No-code allows organizations to focus on the essence of their service.

No-code lets you retain what your business really is for. Because you do not need to build programs from scratch, the important details are not lost in the process of creating your project. 

You can use templates that provide the necessary functions or mix and match as desired, and you can do that without drowning in codes. No-code eliminates the need for coders and engineers, and lets non-analysts build complex data models in a straightforward manner. 

The focus on the organization that no-code provides also allows them to bounce back easier when unforeseen events like the COVID-19 pandemic takes place. According to Forrester, companies that have embraced no-code data platforms as well as automation were able to implement effective policies, and faster, compared to those who relied on traditional coding, during the global pandemic.

No-code connects to a new generation of workers.

Many workers, regardless of the generation they belong to, have never learned how to code. Globally, there is already a big shortage on engineers and developers, and the traditional coding platforms do not relieve companies of the increasing demand in skills. 

No-code, however, has a simplified learning curve. What’s more is that it is intuitive for generations and new workers that grew up with technology and therefore possess a certain degree of fluency with them. There is no fearing of platforms that are presented before them because they can apply logic as they do with computers, mobile devices and programs they are already familiar with. Non-analysts already rely on these technologies for research, self-expression and connections, among others.

No-code lets you reclaim time and resources.

Of the many advantages that come with no-code, saving money and time are probably the most emphasized. In a survey among app creators that utilize Google Cloud’s Appsheet, 32% have noted speed of development as one of the top benefits to no-code. This is because there is no need to create and understand lines of code; the work that needs to be done is within a few clicks on a no-code program. 

In fact, with no-code or low-code, you can create apps 10 times faster than the traditional means. Instead of spending months on your idea, the work is reduced to days and weeks. Gone is one’s reliance on the IT team, because you don’t have to hire additional developers to understand and maintain the platform. The saved time also equates to fewer costs.

All these can give you more time focusing on what matters: making sure that your organization is in tip-top shape, and delivering great service to clients, just as intended.

No-code allows for increased productivity.

No-code gives room for other tasks to be done. It also lessens requests for resolution to your IT department, which in turn lets them focus on issues on overall systems that matter more. The resolution time for no-code issues is also significantly faster than traditional coding, as no-code democratizes tech.

No-code is easily changeable.

The demands of business may require certain changes in software. When a developer isn’t available, you can’t rely on a non-analyst with no background on coding to change a feature or a functionality. 

That is not a problem with no-code because it is easier to learn and therefore, painless to modify and refine. The changes can be applied within hours, which removes extra costs and allows you to streamline your business.

The future of no-code

The no-code movement will see more products and services deemed to bring the focus back on creation for enterprises instead of fixing and maintenance. As per Gartner, some 75% of large enterprises will depend on four no-code tools, at the very least, for application and citizen development. We can only foresee no-code data platforms to gain more press as well as investment as it democratizes tech and makes program creation open for everyone.

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