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Multi-Touch Attribution Modeling

Accurately attribute revenue to your marketing campaigns & other advertising channels.

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Multi-Touch Attribution Modeling

Optimize marketing and sales activities based on ROI and contribution to revenue. 

With Dealtale, you get immediate insights: no coding, data silos, data science, or engineering. Takes less than one hour to get your first deep, meaningful insights.



Dealtale gives me deep visibility into my lead generation campaigns to understand what is working and scale.
Jolene Amit,
Jolene Amit
VP Marketing,
If you want to increase revenue in a data driven way, Dealtale is the solution for you.
Jonathan (Joe) Elial
Co-Founder & COO,
Using Dealtale we were able to easily get actionable insights that made a real impact on our business.
Nira Mayorchik Sheleg,
Nira Mayorchik Sheleg
Founder & CEO,

Dealtale is ISO 27001 Certified

Dealtale is GDPR Compliant

Dealtale is Cyber Posture Rated​

Dealtale is ISO 27001 Certified​

Dealtale is GDPR Compliant

Dealtale is Cyber Posture Rated

Why Multi-Touch Attribution?

Remember the last time you made a purchase? You clicked on an ad on Google, visited a website, saw the product, then went to the competitors to compare prices and features, came back via Facebook ads, talked with a few friends and colleagues, talked to a salesperson, downloaded the specs… And then a few dozen other actions. 

Attribution is all about measuring all of these touchpoints along the customer journey and assigning value to them. This allows you to calculate ROI and identify the touchpoints that bring value. 

How many touchpoints?







Why is attribution important?

Because you’re double counting. If you’re looking at your conversions on Google Ads and Facebook, they both claim credit for the same conversion (if the prospect clicked on ads on both Facebook and Google Ads). 

And… Because you’re under-counting. If your prospect filled out a form after clicking on Google Ads, the lead source would be Google, while Facebook will have nothing to show for and zero ROI. 

Attribution gives each channel its well-deserved credit and helps you calculate ROI in a way that helps to optimize your marketing investment. 

How does attribution work?

You collect all of the touchpoints with your advertising, web and mobile, content assets, sales, and support. Then you sort these touchpoints in chronological order and assign credit to them based on their importance on the customer journey. 

Why is integrating multiple tools important?

While attribution delivers great value, it needs data from multiple sources to work. For example, you need to integrate costs from your advertising, sales data from your CRM, and more. The good news is that you can use tools like  Dealtale to integrate all of these data sources automatically! 

What Multi-Touch Attribution Models can you use?

Critical Path Attribution

Assign a value to touchpoints according to their importance on the critical path to conversion.

Linear Attribution

Give the same value to each touchpoint along the customer journey.

U-Shaped Attribution

Give 40% of the value to the first touch, 40% of the value to the last touch, and the rest to the other touchpoints.

First Touch Attribution

Assign 100% of the credit to the first touch.

Last Touch Attribution

Give 100% of the credit to the last touch.

Why choose Dealtale’s attribution modeling?

Dealtale’s multi-touch attribution uses predictive modeling to help you understand the contribution of marketing and sales activities to the overall revenue. It attributes a portion of the revenue to each touchpoint along the customer journey to help you calculate ROI and optimize your spending.

Cutting-Edge Predictive Models

Dealtale’s multi-touch attribution modeling uses a cutting-edge predictive algorithm to attribute revenue to your marketing campaigns and sales activities. It analyzes the critical path to conversion and the importance of every touchpoint on the path to conversion. 

Calculate True ROI

Compare the cost and attributed revenue to calculate your true ROI. Dealtale brings detailed cost information from advertising platforms, Google Sheets, and more so that you have all of your cost and ROI information in one place. 

Ad and URL-Level Analysis

Dealtale is the only tool that lets you attribute revenue to individual ads, web pages, emails, trade shows, and more. Our multi-touch attribution lets you drill down from the channel level to the most granular points you’d like to analyze so that you can fine-tune your marketing spend.