Prove Revenue at
the Campaign Level

Prove Revenue at the Campaign Level

Some marketing campaigns measure impressions. Some measure conversions. Dealtale measures actual revenue in dollars and cents with multi-touch attribution.

Get Specific About Each Action

Multi-touch attribution takes the guesswork out of marketing’s contribution to revenue by getting granular about ROI.

From one dashboard, you can view:

  • All opportunities
  • Revenue generated for each opportunity
  • The average sales cycle
  • The average number of touchpoints

Drill Down into Individual Touchpoints

From the big picture view, you can drill down into individual campaigns, understand how valuable certain touchpoints are, and calculate ROI for each.

For example, you can get accurate stats on the revenue a certain blog or email generated on its own.

If the results for each are strong, create similar content in the future. If the results are lacking, try focusing your time on more profitable activities.

The Science of Attribution

Dealtale has five attribution models, all the way from first touch to when the lead becomes an opportunity.

Through each report, you can see how revenue generated changes from first touch to last touch.

Our most popular model is called Critical Path. It’s based on a machine learning technique called The Markov Chain, which calculates the incremental value.

Watch Dealtale's Multi-touch Attribution in Action

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