Why It’s Important to Get Insights from Your Customer Journey Data

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Customer experience is today’s new battleground. It will set businesses up for success. But with multiple tools, channels, and touchpoints, how can organizations deliver experiences that customers expect?

The B2B buying journey explained

In a digital-first world, potential buyers have many opportunities to interact with your company and products. According to Gartner, B2B buyers spend 27% of their time researching independently online and only 17% meeting with potential suppliers. That’s a quarter of buyers’ time used to explore your online content and channels. As potential customers get to know your business, they’re also expecting the same from you. For 95% of B2B buyers, DemandGen found that it’s important for vendors to have more insights about their company and needs. Here lies the problem. Every customer interaction generates a stream of data. However, organizations don’t collect such data. Or if they do, they don’t analyze it to the point of generating value.

Taking B2B customer journeys to the next level

To deliver relevant and seamless customer experience, businesses need to form a complete picture of the customer. How do you do that? By turning customer journey data into actionable insights. Here are the top reasons why getting insights from your customer journey data is a must:
  1. You can optimize your operations, campaigns, and resources at scale. This not only helps you to identify your best and worst performing strategies and processes. But also, brings you a step closer to becoming a highly effective, data-driven organization.
  2. You can make decisions based on data in an instant. This allows you to act fast without having to guess or relying on intuition.
  3. You can monitor issues and performance across your funnel. This enables you to make the necessary adjustments before issues arise.

Turning customer journey into insights with Dealtale

Given the importance of actionable insights, how do you generate it from your customer journey data? The data you gather from the different marketing, sales, and customer success tools you’re using. The first step is to address data silos and have your teams work together. The second step is to check out Dealtale. At Dealtale, we understand that as organizations work digitally, using numerous SaaS tools, each team has its own set of analytics and reporting. With our platform, you can bring all of this data together to enable big-picture analysis. You’ll also get a 360-degree view of your customers. The result? You’ll be in a more strategic position to leverage personalization and deliver exceptional experiences that match your customers’ expectations. Dealtale helps you to be in a better position to win today’s customer experience battleground. Try it for yourself and see the Dealtale difference. It takes only 10 minutes to set up. We invite you to activate our ‘Free Forever’ plan. Go to: Dealtale’s Sign Up Page.

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