Now Marketing Analytics Speaks English

Dealtale IQ instantly transforms marketers into data experts using the power of ChatGPT-like technology. Ask any questions about your revenue data in natural language and get the answers in real time.

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ChatGPT-like’ analytics tool for marketers released amid wave of AI excitement

ChatGPT: Thinking Outside the Content Marketing Box

Your Data, Just Easier to Understand

It’s one thing to have access to raw data and reporting, it’s another to try to understand what it means. Let Dealtale be your translator between data and actionable-insights.

Using casual machine learning and predictive analytics, the IQ digests your data and delivers easy-to-understand insights through conversational intelligence.

Dealtale’s Revenue Science Delivered

Our new conversational AI feature delivers all the deep insights of Dealtale’s Revenue Science platform, including:

  • Multi-touch Attribution
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Cross-channel Data

With this new innovation, we’re levelling the playing field for all marketers. Now you don’t need a background in analytics to build reports. Get the insights you need by simply asking a question.

Let Dealtale IQ Revolutionize Your Marketing