Dealtale IQ FAQ

Dealtale IQ uses ChatGPT-like technology to answer complex questions about your marketing data. Type a question into the search field in plain English and get an answer in about three seconds.

Dealtale IQ is built on top of the OpenAI ChatGPT API, which provides conversational and text2sql capabilities. Dealtale IQ also integrates its own data and analysis capabilities to generate answers based on your data.

Dealtale IQ allows you to ask any question about your marketing data. So, as long as you have the relevant data connected to Dealtale, the platform can answer questions and even explain the results to you. For example, you can ask “Why was there an increase in website traffic over the last month?” The system will then ask you to choose “Thumbs Up” or “Thumbs Down” based on how well it answered the question, so the algorithms learn and improve.

Dealtale IQ always provides answers based on your data and the knowledge of ChatGPT around marketing and sales analytics, so you can be sure that the responses are accurate and safe. Additionally, you can ask DealtaleIQ to explain the answer in order to get a deeper understanding of the result so that you can make sure you understand how the results were calculated.

Dealtale is SOC 2 and ISO 27001 certified therefore your data is safe with us, Dealtale IQ only sends the table names and columns, which are the defaults within each system. Your data will never be sent to another vendor.

If all of your data sources are already connected to Dealtale, Dealtale IQ can be used instantly. Connecting all your data sources to Dealtale only takes a few minutes.

All Dealtale users can leverage DealtaleIQ.

Charts are not currently exportable in Dealtale IQ but you can export the data as a csv. However, in future iterations, Dealtale IQ will have enhanced capabilities that will allow you to export any chart.

Dealtale IQ is built on top of the OpenAI’s ChatGPT API, which means we only send the table names and columns (which are the defaults within each system).  Dealtale won’t send OpenAI or any other vendor any of your data.

Dealtale is based both on the data sources that are connected to our system and to the tier of pricing you belong to. Here is the list of tiers and the respective potential sources:

Tier Performance
First Tier Maria Anders
Second Tier Performance
Pixel Data

You can ask Dealtale anything you want in natural language. For more complicated questions, specify everything you know about the data sources or specific questions. For example maybe ask about opportunities in stage Opened or Closed Won).

You can indicate if the answers provided by Dealtale IQ met your needs by using the Thumbs Up or Down feature. This feedback will help us improve the system.

Dealtale IQ supports all languages supported by the OpenAI ChatGPT API.

Currently, in the first version of Dealtale IQ, it is not possible to see your history of threads or save conversations. However, this feature may be added in the next version.

Currently, in the first iteration of Dealtale IQ, this feature is not available. However, in future iterations, Dealtale IQ will have enhanced capabilities that will allow you to use all that Dealtale has to offer within its system.

ChatGPT, the technology powering Dealtale IQ, may occasionally make up facts or “hallucinate” outputs. If you find an answer unrelated to your question, please provide feedback by using the “Thumbs Down” button.

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