The B2B Customer Journey Analytics Guide

A new generation of decision-makers is now entering the B2B market, and as marketers, it’s critical that we stay on top of the intricacies of their buying behaviors. But this isn’t an easy task. The B2B customer journey has become increasingly complex over the years, with companies adopting an omnichannel marketing approach. This means that […]

How to Map Your B2B Customer Journey

What if we told you there was a way to take your customer experience from good to extraordinary without breaking the bank? Well, there is. And all it takes is a little bit more…personality.  Seriously, today’s customer expects a more personalized B2B experience when making a purchase. And as marketers, the best way to get […]

5 Easy Steps to Measure & Optimize Marketing Campaigns with Dealtale

You’ve created the assets, written the copy, designed the landing page, and the ads are ready to go. You’re almost ready to launch your marketing campaign, but before you do, there’s one last important step:developing key performance indicators (KPIs), segments, and funnels to measure campaign results. The challenge is that data analytics can be a […]

The Extinction of Third-Party Cookies and the Rise of First-Party Data

It was only two years ago when Google announced that the death of the third-party cookie was on the horizon. Since 2020, digital marketers everywhere have been scrambling to ditch third-party cookies and adopt first-party data to help track marketing efforts. As a marketer, what does it even mean to live a cookieless life? Third-party […]

Why Customer Journey Analytics Matter More Than Ever

Do you know who has the biggest impact on your company’s revenue?  You might think it’s Sales because they close deals. Or maybe it’s Marketing because they help find new prospects. And what about product teams? Without them there would be nothing to buy.  The real answer? It’s your customer. The sign of a successful […]

How to Build the Perfect Marketing Funnel

As marketers, from day one it drilled into us: awareness, consideration and conversion are all the parts of the sales and marketing funnel that you need to move your prospect from “hey” to “how much?” But as our customers evolve, we’re finding that this one-size-fits all funnel is not ideal when it comes to closing […]