Turing Virality into Revenue with Artificial Intelligence

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As marketers, we all know that content is critical in today’s digital era. We also know that artificial intelligence in marketing is becoming a major thing.

So let’s dive into some numbers and learn why.

Did you know that every day, over 1 billion Facebook stories are uploaded? Well it’s true. And that’s not even including other types of content. Individuals create more than 5 billion pieces of content daily and publish it on the platform. And it’s not just Facebook, either. Twitter users generate 6,000 tweets per second and 500 million tweets per day.

But let’s not forget about long-form content outside of social media, which takes more effort to create and upload. YouTube, for instance, receives roughly 700,000 hours of video uploads each day, and in the blogging sphere, more than 6 million blog posts go live every day around the world.

Moral of the story? We are surrounded by content. 

Earning “Viral” Status 

So, how can we determine the value of content? For companies, the answer is simple – we look at the dollar signs. Successful content contributes to lead conversion or revenue.

But hold on there. Content is not just a B2B game. It is consumed by everyday people, and they assign value to content through virality.

Videos, posts, blogs, or articles have the potential to reach viral status, meaning they can receive hundreds of thousands or even millions of views in a short amount of time. However, virality is rare. With billions of pieces of content going live daily, only a small percentage reaches viral levels. According to a recent study by Wochit Research, only 1.2% of content becomes viral on Facebook.

Having a viral video can change the game for many individuals and companies. For instance, earlier this year, Jennifer Le posted a 7-second video on TikTok about her family’s restaurant, explaining how empty it was, and within days, her video went viral, and her family’s restaurant was filled.

Virality is powerful. It’s the ultimate awareness tool that marketers have. For year’s marketers have been trying to figure out the viral recipe; what are the perfect ingredients needed for content that will result in millions of views?

Hacking Viral Content by Marketing with Artificial Intelligence

So, the question is, how can we get a piece of that viral pie? Reaching a large audience can have significant value. From the consumer perspective, it can increase brand awareness and make your company a household name. From a business perspective, when done right, virality can provide the publicity your product needs to boost sales.

But creating content with the hopes of it going viral is a) a lot of time, b) a lot of resources c) and can result in a waste of budget. So the goal here is to be strategic in content creation and using the right tools to ensure you’re reaching large audiences. 

Artificial intelligence in marketing departments can provide a little bit of speed to hack the viral content machine. Here’s how: 

  1. Identify which social trends will go viral 
  2. Quickly create content for trends 
  3. Transform viral content into revenue 

Identifying Trends 

Speed is critical to achieving virality. Trends are short-lived, and creating on-trend and on-brand content quickly is crucial. AI can help you stay ahead of the curve by identifying social media trends through data analysis and pattern recognition. Machine learning algorithms can be trained to identify user activity and content trends, allowing you to spot topics or hashtags that are gaining popularity or trending. In short, artificial intelligence in marketing enables you to get on trends before they hit peak virality.

Creating Content 

Knowing what the trend is one thing, but being able to act on it is another. In the past, companies have been slow to jump on content trends due to the amount of effort it took to get something live. However, with AI, content creation has become much more accessible. By using natural language processing, you can have copy and assets ready and trending within an hour.

Turning Virality into $$$

This is a big one. When a piece of content goes viral, there can be content engagement, website traffic, and purchasing coming in from various locations, making it difficult to determine how many conversions or how much money is actually coming from that post. This is where AI comes in yet again. It can help you identify how much revenue was generated from a piece of content using attribution modeling. It’s one thing to go viral, but it’s another to make money from that post!

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