Close More Deals
with AI Modeling

AI models use the science of cause and effect to understand the future actions of your prospects. With this intel, you can focus on the leads with the highest probability of conversion and close more deals.

Asking the Million Dollar Questions

Based on the data from all your marketing platforms, AI modeling helps you assess these critical factors:

Which leads will convert no matter what.

Which leads can be persuaded to convert with the right marketing actions.

Which leads will actually disengage with marketing actions.

Which leads have no hope of converting at all.

Build Comprehensive AI Models
with a Few Clicks

With Dealtale, you can build an infinite number of AI models, but our most popular are focused on:

Product Affinity

which discerns which products each prospect is likely to buy.

Campaign Responsiveness

which determines how prospects will respond to marketing actions, such as an email or call.

AI models can be made independently and it takes only a few minutes to create one, train, and deploy it for testing.
The result? Personalized customer journey maps powered by AI.

Ready to create the ultimate customer journey?