We Are Revenue
Science Trailblazers

    At Dealtale, our favorite word is


    Asking that simple question over and over again is what led us to discover and hone the craft of Revenue Science.
    Before Dealtale, our marketing founders asked big questions.

    Questions like:

    WHY is the revenue captured by marketing so elusive?

    WHY is the customer journey so incomplete?

    And our favorite, WHY should we accept predictions instead of being able to change outcomes?!

    The answer is simple:

    To help marketers define, boost, calculate, and allocate revenue for better results.

    Asking those whys lead to our biggest why of all:

    Why did we build Dealtale and the Revenue Science category in general?

    The DNA of Dealtale

    We love marketers. We love the way they think, create, react, problem-solve, and build. And we know the tremendous impact that marketers can have on revenue. So, we’re innovating new tools just for them.

    When we started Dealtale, we focused on getting specific about the exact journey a buyer takes down the funnel, so that marketers never have to rely on their gut when they build campaigns.

    That’s how we got our name: Dealtale.

    By understanding the story (or, the DNA!) of each deal, we help marketers prove incremental revenue value and make their most daunting KPIs repeatable and predictable.

    We’re Building the Future of Revenue Science

    We’re Building the Future of Revenue Science

    The beauty of studying and building on science is that it is an endless process. We are lifelong learners and disciples of Revenue Science, who will continue to push the boundaries of the discipline–observing, hypothesizing, experimenting with, and analyzing the world’s biggest marketing challenges.

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