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Dealtale’s Marketing Co-pilot instantly transforms marketers into data experts using the power of ChatGPT-like technology.

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Increase conversions by up to 22% using our causal inference technology

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Our dashboards integrate with all data sources to deliver a unified view of your metrics

Optimize buyer journeys

Focus on which prospects are most likely to buy, using our advanced AI modeling

Calculate multi-touch revenue attribution

Dealtale tracks users from first touch, so you know the exact revenue generated for each marketing touchpoint

Optimize your budget

Invest only in the activities that generate revenue


Extract the Right Insights from Your Marketing Data

Dealtale connects all your marketing data sources into one unified dashboard. Get the big picture on your marketing strategy and drill down into specific journeys and accounts. No data science degree required!
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Build Your Best B2B Buyer Journey

Pinpoint the pivotal touchpoints in your customer journey and reverse engineer the experiences that drive actions. Download our whitepaper for the latest B2B buyer journey trends and optimization tips!


Calculate Your Marketing ROI with Multi-touch Attribution

Dealtale’s deep multi-touch attribution feature measures the the revenue generated by every single marketing touchpoint–from first touch to Closed/Won.
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You don’t need to be a scientist to use Dealtale’s powerful platform...

You don’t need to be a scientist to use Dealtale’s powerful platform...

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Marketing so often feels like an uncontrolled experiment, but Dealtale turns it into a repeatable formula. Our Revenue Science platform helps you understand exactly how customers are responding to your marketing touchpoints, what they will want next, and what to do about it!

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